What is LetsExchange?
LetsExchange is a multi-currency exchange service that allows you to trade 2450+ coins and 5992800+ crypto pairs without registration, limits, and complications.
How does LetsExchange work?
Use an all-in-one exchange widget on the home page to provide all the transaction details.
1)Fill in the field "You send" by providing the amount and selecting the coin you want to send.
2)Choose a coin to receive and enter your receiving address.
3)Select your preferred exchange rate type: floating or fixed. You can read more about exchange types below.
4)Click the "Exchange" button.
5)Send the trade amount to the provided Deposit address.
6)Your exchange will be processed automatically and the funds will be added to your receiving address.
How does LetsExchange ensure the security of my funds and personal data?
As a non-custodial, registration-free service, LetsExchange doesn’t require you to provide any private or financial data. Your crypto assets are secured by your own wallet, while the trade amount is exchanged automatically, without any intervention. The platform’s security is further enhanced by the following measures:
- Our website is protected with an SSL certificate to prevent any data interception.
- Strong security protocols are applied to all the procedures and processes.
- LetsExchange is protected from DDoS attacks.
Is registration and/or verification needed?
We don't require registration or verification. You can leave us your email address if you want to receive a receipt of your exchange.
Is registration and/or verification needed?
We don't require registration or verification. You can leave us your email address if you want to receive a receipt of your exchange.
What currencies does LetsExchange support?
You can buy and sell BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, DOT, ADA, XRP, LTC, and over 2520+ more validated coins on LetsExchange. This means that you can trade 6310200+ currency pairs.
How fast does a transaction proceed?
Due to our fully automated exchange mode, the transaction speed solely depends on the time required from the network to confirm the transaction and create a new block in the blockchain. Most transactions are done within a minute. Some coins may take longer to be confirmed.
How do I receive my exchange amount?
You need to have a wallet to store the cryptocurrency you want to buy. You can use either a dedicated wallet for that coin or a multi-currency wallet app. When performing an exchange, you will be asked to provide your wallet address to receive the funds.
What is the recipient’s address?
The recipient’s address is the wallet address where you receive your purchased funds. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin, you need to specify your Bitcoin wallet address in the recipient field.
Where can I get a wallet address?
The best way to get your own cryptocurrency wallet address is to visit the website of the cryptocurrency you are going to purchase. Usually, the developers either offer a dedicated wallet for their coins or recommend a trusted third-party wallet. Make sure to use a trusted service to avoid the loss of your funds.
What is a transaction hash?
Each transaction performed by a user and added to the blockchain has a specific ID code used to identify this particular transaction in the network. You can use this hash/ID to verify the transaction status in the block explorer.
What are additional ID’s (Destination Tag, Memo, Payment ID, Message)?
Depending on the currency you want to exchange, we might ask you to specify additional IDs along with the wallet address. Some cryptocurrencies use such IDs to identify a transaction. For example:
- Payment ID is used for Monero
- Destination Tag is used for Ripple
- Memo is used for Steem and Stellar
- Message is used for XEM.
Such IDs are important to send coins safely. If you don’t provide the required IDs, the funds might be lost.

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